Our Vision

Our vision at “His Prayer House” is to learn to live in the love and power of God as revealed in Word of God and to introduce people to Him so that they may be made whole.

Though we are based in Toronto, Canada, where God has placed us, our heart is to reach out to all whom God sends and be ready to respond to God's calling to go out "into all the world". Our desire is to respond to what God is doing and act on the God given vision. We desire to reach out to the lost and hurting, to bring 'good news' to the world, to heal the sick, to set free those in bondage and to nurture new believers and non-believers.

We value an 'open' approach to fellowship - the priesthood of all believers, where all can function, every fellowship member equally blessed and equipped to serve the Lord. Prayer and worship are at the centre of our lifestyle as individuals and as a group of believers. We seek to resolve every issue with prayer and see prayer as vital to evangelism and growth.

We recognise the importance of God-given gifts and responsibilities but view leadership as 'low profile' - not concerned with position but with a heart to develop people: serving, equipping, motivating and releasing them in their gifts.

We vision to ‘walk in the light’, with problems dealt with, not ignored. Though Biblical doctrine is non-negotiable, methods are open to evaluation and people free to question. Since we all sin and make mistakes, an attitude and atmosphere of grace is encouraged.

We want to be a 'fellowship without walls’ - providing space for real friendships both within and outside the fellowship.

We recognise and value the fellowship and desire to bless it, pray for it, love it and find meaningful relationships within it.