Intimate Relationship with God

Though many people believe that God is real, many also believe that He is only "watching them from a distance" and He has no real desire to know them personally.

However, this is not true. God created us in His own image so that that He might have a loving relationship with us. He sees us as a precious treasure. He longs us to have a close intimacy and friendship with Him. But He doesn’t force us into that relationship. Instead, He gives us the opportunity to choose to be in relationship with Him, to love Him and to follow Him as the one, true and only God.

Unfortunately, early man chose to reject this opportunity by sinning to disobey God’s guidelines for life. This broke the intended relationship of God with man and separated us from Him. That separation still exists today because we all have inherited that same old sinful nature. It makes no difference how much or how little we've sinned, we still fall short of God's perfection. As per Word of God, the punishment for sin is death – not just physical death but a spiritual death which will cause separation from God and His kingdom for eternity.

However, we all can remove this separation and enter into a relationship with God. He has provided a solution for our lost relationship in His Word. It is the only way and is as simple as saying these few words:

Sorry, Lord: Ask God to forgive you for all the things you have done wrong and turn from everything which you know is wrong in your life i.e. repent.

Thank you, Lord Believe that Jesus died for you on the cross. Thank him for dying for you and for the offer of his free gift of forgiveness, freedom and his Spirit.

Please, Lord: Invite God to come and live within you by his spirit.

If you would like to have a relationship with God and are ready to follow these three steps, pray this simple prayer and start of that relationship:

" Dear God,

I know that my sin has separated me from You. Thank You for sending Your son to die in my place. I now trust Jesus to forgive my sins, I invite Him into my life as Savior and Lord. Thank You for receiving me into Your eternal family, In Jesus’ Name, Amen. "

If you have trusted Jesus as your Lord and Savior, please let us know.. We want to rejoice in what God has done in your life and help you to grow spiritually. We will get you a free Bible to read and start figuring out God's plan for you.

You also need to get involved in a good, Bible-believing fellowship of believers. Your life will never be the same again. This close, intimate and personal relationship that you have entered into with the Lord will be the door opener that will change the course of your entire life.