Artists & Music

These pages are devoted to worship music particularly South Asian Christian worship music being created in Hindi, Punjabi & Urdu around the world.

It is our desire to introduce upcoming worship singers and musicians to the world. Many of these artists are not well known outside of their immediate geographical location although many have input lots of their talent, money and time to release their albums since they love to sing for the Lord. The major cause of this situation is that many of us do not buy their music to support them. Instead we try to copy their CDs. This is not only ethically & legally wrong but is also depriving them of the needed funds to spread good music.

I know many of these artists personally and my heart fills with pain when I see them singing secular & film songs and playing instruments in Hotels & Bars to support themselves & their family.

We dedicate this page to these talented artists and pray to our Heavenly Father to bless them and use them mightily for His glory.

Hopefully soon a day will come when these artists will sing full time for Him only and will not have to use their talent for singing film songs to support them.

Please bear with us as we add more and more artists & their music. Some of these songs are not complete songs but clips from the full song. However, many of the artists' songs are complete songs. We thank these artists for giving us their consent to post complete songs.

If you an upcoming artist or know any such artist, please let us know and we will be more than happy to post their music on these pages.


Please support these artists by purchasing their music. It will be a blessing both for you & them ! You can contact us for further details on how to purchase their music.