Balbir Suffi

Something scenicBalbir Suffi is another one of the finest worship singer. He sings both in Hindi & Punjabi. I had the blesssing of listening to his singing during his recent Toronto visit.

His worship music is contemporary with other Indian music and will bring you back to your days in India

He lives in Changigarh, India

I have almost all of his music in my personal collection and these songs are from this collection.

Aao Milkar Uski Jai Jaikaar Karein

Chheti Cheeti Ho Ja Tayaar

Gaddi Challi Yesu Naam Di

Jee Karde Us Dharti De

Khol De Dil Da Booha

Mehboob Mere

Mere Pyare Yesu Ji

Mujhey Raas Aa Gaya Hai

Oh Din Aa Gaye Nere

Sare Jag Se Pyara Yesu Naam

Yesu Hath Vadayaiyaan

Zindgi Yesu Masih De Kol