Nixon & Joy Shereen Charles

Something scenicNixon and Joy are settled in Toronto, Ontario. Both have the same passion of singing to glorify the Lord. They are blessed with three children. Their names are Sharon, Jonina and David. The children also share their parents' passion for singing to glorify the Lord.

Nixon is a musician, composer, singer and song writer. He played the keyboard and sang in a Gospel band "Ambassadors for Christ" in Pakistan. He wrote and composed many Gospel songs for the band's first album named "Hallelujah".

Joy emigrated from Pakistan to Canada at a young age with her family. She was raised in a Christian family and grew up in Toronto, Ontario. Canada's diverse culture provided her with a great sense of both Eastern and Western cultures. Joy is multi talented. She majored in Information Technology Systems from Centennial College of Applied Arts and Technology. She has done modelling for Centennial College for their calendars, magazines and TV commercials. Joy was chosen to model for the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Technology's(Queen's Park) MITT magazine to promote youth in the working field. She also modelled in a bridal show to promote south Asian culture. She was RJ for her own Radio program 'Sangeet Radio' in Calgary, Alberta for one year. Joy has been a gifted singer since her childhood. She used to sing Geet and Zaboor with her family at the family prayer time every night. She believes that God has chosen her to sing for His glory.


Sharon, Jonina and David Joel Charles

Something scenicSharon and Jonina started to sing in English and Urdu at various occasions in front of live audiences and TV cameras at the age of four. Many times they have wowed audiences with their confidence in singing and performance (choreography). Their first TV song, 'We wish you a Merry Christmas' was recorded in 2005 without any retakes. They also sang 'Dil Dil Pakistan' in 2008, on Pakistan Day Live on GEOTV, which was shown throughout the world (wherever GEOTV is seen). David is the youngest of the three and is such a blessing for the family. Just like King David praised God by his songs and music, David also loves to sing and pray. At the age of two he already knew how to sing 'Jesus loves me', 'Jesus Loves the Little Children', 'If you're saved and you know it', 'When the Spirit of the Lord', 'Yesu mujay kerta pyar, 'Kis ney benaiya phoolon ko', 'Choti Choti Jeevan Gadhi', and various preschool rhymes.

The Charles family wants to utilize their God given talents in music and singing. They feel it important to give back to God, the community, and their family for the many blessings they have received.

The following songs are popular among several secular Urdu/Hindi TV programs since 1997. Many people are blessed with these songs.


Aaj Munaji Azim Ka Janam Din

We Wish You A Merry Christmas

Geet Apne Masiha Ke Gayein

Aman Ka Shahzada Aaya

Dhoom Dham Se, Jhoom Jhoom Kar

Yesu Ho Tera Har Pal Shukar Ada