Raj Rattan

I first listened Raj Rattan live during a function organized at World Vision auditorium in Mississauga and enjoyed Christians gazals rendered by him.

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Subsequently one of our family friend gave his album "Vol. 2" of Zaboor as gift when they visited us and I fell in love with his gazal style singing of Zaboor. Later I was able to get "Vol. 1" of these Zaboor courtesy Rev. Prakash Masih.

I understand that he is already working on "Vol 3" of Zaboor and also plan to release an album of Masih Gazals.

Ae Khudawand Mere (Psalm 16)

Akhiyaan Chukna Haan (Psalm 121)

Fazal Naal Ae Rabb (Psalm 51 part 1)

Gusse Naal Na Jhirkin (Psalm 38)

Khudawand Nu Udeekdi Reh (Psalm 62 part 2)

Khudawand Tu Lashkaran Da Khuda Hain (Psalm 81 part 1)

Khudaya Teri Rooh Tho (Psalm 139)

Main Sabar De Naal Aas Rakh Ke (Psalm 40)

Mazboot Mera Dil Hai (Psalm 108)

Pani De Soteyaan Di (Psalm 42)

Rehmat Naal Hai Bharya Hoya (Psalm 103 part 2)

Sadi Badkari Rakhi Hai Sari (Psalm 90)

Sareyo Loko Sade Rabb Nu (Psalm 66 part 2)

Teri Nazat De Shauk De Vich (Psalm 119)

Tu Aakh Ae Meri Jaan (Psalm 103 part 1)

Yaad Yahowa Di Sab Karange (Psalm 22 part 4)