Savraj Sidhu

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Rev Dr. Savraj Masih Sidhu is a singer, lyricist and composer. He has released many albums like “Patras Da Kisaa”, “ Masihi Parwane” ,”Zindgi Mil Gayi”, “Teri Sanna” that have been liked by people around the globe.


He is from Chandigarh, India and is founder chairman of "SAHAYAK FELLOWSHIP CHURCH", a registered church society, working since 1990.

Rev Sidhu has released 13 audio & 7 video albums . He released "Kissa Raja Daud" a 72 minutes audio project in 2007.

Till date he has a recorded & released about 72 worship songs for the glory of Lord Jesus.

The following songs are take from some of these albums.

Japdi De Do Puttar

Jehra Manda Na

Pyala Jo Yesu Ne