Unknown Artists

I am very fond of worship music and have been collecting such music created by various artists, musicians and organizations. This collection has grown to hundreds of worship songs in few years.

However, I find that many albums give credits to lyricist and musician only, particularly the ones that have worship songs of many different artists. And if the names of vocal artists are given, it is not clearly mentioned which of these artists have sang which song.

This page is devoted to such artists. Though we may not know their names, they are definitely blessed since they sing for Lordís glory.

If you happens to know or recognize any of these artists, let us know and we will post the song with due credit to the singer.

Please bear with us as we add more songs on this page.

Hai Prabhu Yeshu Tum Ko Pranaam

Jai Jai Yeshu, Jai Jai Yeshu

Jiwan Ko Mere Tune Bachaya Hai Prabhu

Prabhu Krist Mere, Swami Mann Ke

Prabhu Tere Dar Pe Aaye Hain Hum, Teri Kripa Pane

Premi Prabhu Mere Yesu

Vandna Karte Hain Hum

Prabhu Ji Darshan Do Aaj Humko

Bhajan Karat Hum Sakat Tumhare Prabhu Yeshu