Amit Kamble

Something scenicBorn in Solapur, in a God fearing family, I grew in the environment of music. My father is a good singer too and he guided me to grow in music. He has been to Mauritius, Kenya and more abroad places for singing in orchestra. I started knowing my talent of singing and playing instruments when I started taking part in church activities.

That’s how I grew more in music. Today God has given me gift of singing and composing songs which I use only to glorify the Almighty. I have come up with Gospel worship song albums- ‘HUM TUJHME’ and ‘SHUKRIYA TERA’ and the songs from these albums are sung at many churches in city and many places around India. Some songs from these albums have become familiar in many churches and are very beneficial for church worship. My earlier album has reached India, some parts of U.K, U.S.A and Dubai. By God’s grace.

I can sing, compose songs, and play instruments like guitar, piano, drums, Congo, tabla, dholak and more. There is a guitar tutorial class which I conduct called as PLECK. I am working in a Convent school as a music teacher and have taught many students to play guitar, piano and singing. Time and again I am called at various places [Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Faridabad, Daund, Barshi, Gulbarga, etc] to sing in worship concerts and crusades. By God’s grace I have led worship with a crowd of around 15-20 thousand people singing glory at a time. I have also done a couple of live programs on Solapur Akaashvani radio and been interviewed on BIG 92.1 FM. Being a youth my aim is to make every youth realize that there is God and we should worship Him in our young age through singing. Not only aged people but, youth should be on the upfront to worship the Almighty God.

Followings songs are from my album SHUKRIYA TERA.

Jiske Naam Se

Shukriya Tera

Tarak Naam