Jagjit Singh

I have been a big fan of Jagjit Singh since my student days. I adore his singing – undoubtedly he is the king of gazals.

Something scenic

Couple of months back, one of my Indian friend (who had come to Canada recently) told me during our conversation on Indian worship music that Jagjit Singh has recently recorded few songs for the Lord for an album produced by Anil Kant. I was thrilled to know this – Christian Worship songs and Jagjit’s voice – what a great combination ! My heart immediately desired to have these songs in my personal collection. Perhaps, Lord knew my heart’s desire.

Next day, we were at another friend’s place for a fellowship meeting. After the meeting, he presented me a CD and it has the same songs that I had desired !!

I am blessed to share these songs on this page. Listen and rejoice !!

Khuda Se Mango Milega, Uska Wada Hai Vo Dega

Iftda Mein Kalaam Tha, Aur Vo Uske Saath Tha

Meri Rooh Khuda Mein Magan Hai

Mere Malik Mere Khudaya