Subhash Gill

Subhash GilSomething scenicl is another one of the finest worship singer. I first got his CD “Sanna Gao” and liked it very much. It reminded me of Jagjit Singh.

I had the blessing of listening him first time in person along with Bro Ernest Mall in 2005 during Annual Musical Healing Crusade at Toronto .

Bro Subhash Gill pastors a church in the UK.

I have majority of his music in my personal collection and these songs are from this collection.

Ankhon Ko Band Kar Loon

Bhej Abar Rooh Ka

Duniya Ki Bheer Mein

Faryaad Hai Masiha

Fazal Naal Ae Rabb

Mangoo Duaa Mere Khuda

Massa Kar Mujhey Massa Kar

Mera Dil Bahut Bekraar Tha

Mera Yesu Yesu

Sareyo Loko Sade Rabb Nu

Sunder Yesu Mera Sunder Hai

Teri Shaan Mein Masiha

Muk Gayi Hanereyaan Di Raat