Raja Harrison

Raja Harrison is Something scenica talented and melodious worship singer. He is originally from Lahore, Pakistan but recently settled at Toronto, Canada. He has been a well known singer, musician & music director in Pakistan.

I first listened him singing during a Christmas celebration at World Vision auditorium in Mississauga and fell in love with his voice. Since then we are good friends. I had the honour of him singing at our place on ”Good Friday” last year during a fellowship gathering.

He has already released some of his albums. His kids also share his passion of singing for the Lord. I am pleased to note that his family has also got immigration and will be joining him soon at Toronto.

Chann Suraj Te Tare, Jinnu Karan Salama

Meri Aas Hai Tere Utte, Ai Yahowa Paak Khuda (Psalm 31)

Kar Lo Tayari, Yesu Aan Wala Ae