John Benjamin

Something scenicJohn Benjamin and his wife Marilyn both hail from Pakistan, having settled in Canada in the early 70s. Besides being engaged in their respective professions, they also have a ministry, called All Nations Evangelistic Association. Their mandate is to reach out to individuals, especially Urdu/Hindi/Punjabi speaking people and give them the good news of the love of Christ.

John has been hosting radio, program called, "Rah, Haq, aur Zindagi" in Urdu for 19 years, thereby spreading the good news among the people.

John has penned more than 80 Christian devotional songs and choruses. One cd, "Faryad" has been out for a number of years in which Bro. Subhash Gill has rendered his vocals. The same cd has also been converted into dvd of Christian worship dances, called, "Bargahi Jash'n". Another cd should be out soon.

All Nations arranges banquets and other programs on occasions, such as Christmas and invite friends, especially those who do not know Christ and tell them about the love of Christ and share dinner, play games, sing songs, etc.

All Nations also sing songs in the shopping malls on occasions.

All Nations believes in taking any opportunity to share the love of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Saviour

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