Reena Jadhav

Something scenic Reena Jadhav is a melodious Gospel Singer that has eleven Gospel Songs Album to her credit - Ten in Hindi and One in English . She along with her husband Pastor Abraham, an accomplished Guitarist, Son Paul and daughter Ruth, ministers to the people all over India in Gospel Meetings and Crusades through "Amazing Grace Ministries".


Reena is a living Testimony of the marvellous work of God in her life. Many are the wonderous works which the Lord has done in her life - they are more than can be numbered.

Reena met with a road accident. She had severe head injuries, total body imbalance and lost her hearing completely. She had double vision and could not walk at all. Doctors said she will never be able to walk or hear again. For seven months she was bedridden, but in answer to prayers, Jesus made her whole again. She was miraculously healed and today she proclaims the Love of God through her songs and testimony.

Working in a bank, she has given television and radio programes and touched many hearts by her songs and ministry. Today she joyfully and heartily proclaims -"In him we move and live and have our being!!!".

Aa Aa Tu Aa, Yesu Ke Piche Aa

Hosanna Mein Pyaare Yesu Dil se

Krus Uthana Hai

Shafi-e-Jahan Ho Tum

Yeh Zindgi Main Jiyungi

Yesu Mera Tu Hi Prabhu

Yesu Ne Wada Kiya Hai