Benett Shahzad


Bennett Shahzad is serving God with his melodious voice from several years. God has blessed him with a good voice aSomething scenicnd Something scenicnice spirit. He focussed and utilized this best gift along with properly learning singing. He started singing professionally 22 years back and from last 15 years, he has devoted his voice for serving the Lord Jesus Christ.

He is an international Gospel singer and has lead worship with different ministries like Evangelical Asian Church, Canada, Eternal Life Ministries, Pakistan Gospel Assemblies, Full Gospel Assemblies and many others.


God has givem him strength to produce several CDs and audio cassettes for the Glory of Lord. Many people are blessed with these life changing songs. He has won numerous souls and brought many people to Lord Jesus with his music ministry.

Bennett was born and raised in Pakistan and now settled in Toronto, Canada with his family - wife, four daughters and one son.

Azlee Abdi Badshah Hai Yesu Raja

Bata Ae Nasih, Masiha Kahan Hai

Geet Ga Ke, Massa Pa Ke

Hai Tabee-e-Azam Yesu

Haneri Te Toofan Sare Yesu Thalna

Har Nagar Mein Jatey Hain

Jind Layee Yesu De Nawein

Rabb Vekhna Ae, Aaja Main Vikhawa

Taliyaan Bajao Umto, Kaho Ke Yesu Jinda Hai

Yesu Naam Ki Khushkhabri Duniya Ko Suna Denge

Something scenicBro Benett Shahzad recently released his second CD "Chale Suli Utha Ke" in Toronto, Canada on the happy occasion of Easter.

Following songs are from this CD

Ai Khudawand Tere Hi Naam

Badlaan Te Yesu Sada

Chale Suli Utha Ke

Dil Di Eh Dharti

Kahan Tak Sehta Firega

Murde Zinda Aur Pani Ko

Rooh Ki Agni Kundan

Suli Se Jo Baha Hai

Suli Utha Ke Chal Para

Yesu Yesu Kahna Ae