Book of the Month


90 Minutes in Heaven

.Author : Don Piper (with Cecil Murphey)

.Publisher : Revell, Grand Rapids, MichiganFrom Dream to Destiny

Don Piper is an ordained minister since 1985. On January 18, 1989 while returning from a conference, he met with a tragic accident and was crushed by a truck. He was pronounced ‘dead’ on the spot by medical personnel.

However, he miraculously returned to life ninety minutes after the accident when a minister prayed for him while his body lay lifeless inside the ruins of his car.

During these ninety minutes, Don experienced the glories of heaven, its beauty & music. As soon as he ‘died’, a light enveloped him “with brilliance beyond earthly comprehension or description”. He was welcomed by a large crowd of people standing in front of “a brilliant orange gate”. These were his departed believer friends and relatives. ”They were smiling, shouting and praising God. All were full of life & expressed radiant love. When they gazed at me, I knew what the Bible means by perfect love. It emanated from every person….Everything I saw glowed with intense brightness…..As far as I can see, there was absolutely nothing but intense, radiant light….The farther I walked, the brighter the light…and I had the sense that I was being ushered into the presence of God….”.

And heavenly music? “the praise was unending…hundreds of songs were being sung at the same time – all of them praising God….comprising of melodies and tones I’d never experienced before…..My heart filled with deepest joy I’ve ever experienced…every sound blended and each voice or instrument enhanced others…”

After Don came back to earth, it was a long journey for him on the road of recovery. He had to undergo years of medical treatments and hospital stays.

The story of his years’ of recovery process is equally interesting and faith building and is an encouragement for those recovering from serious injuries or dealing with the loss of a loved one.

.My recommendation: The book will lift your spirit and brighten your perspective knowing that God is faithful to bring His children through even the most horrific circumstances.

The experience that Don had, dramatically changed his life and will change yours too.

A must read for all believers.

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