Book of the Month


From Dream to Destiny

.Author : Robert Morris

.Publisher : Regal BooksFrom Dream to Destiny

Every one of us has a dream about our life and we work very hard to transform that dream into reality. However, many a times we never see our dream to pass.

In this book, Pastor Robert Morris humbly explains biblically how to make our dream a reality. He uses the examples of trials & tribulations of life of Joseph (Old testament - Genesis) and brings forward 10 steps or character-building tests that Joseph has to face and reiterates that everyone of us has to pass these tests before God allows us to realize our dreams.

These test assess our strength & weaknesses. How we respond & learn from these tests will help us to step into our destiny as planned by God.

.My recommendation: A must read for all believers - to know more about these tests, to analyse if you are passing or failing these tests and to prepare yourself to fulfill your destiny.

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