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Thank you !!

Dear Mona and Bhupinder

Greetings from Kathmandu in the name of Jesus Christ. Many thanks for the inspired words of God and thoughts.

I have been receiving the weekly Manna. Thanks again.

Pastor Narayan (Nepal)


Thank you for the mail and message today. It is a blessing to many readers.

God bless

Robin Kumar Sahu


Praise the lord brother and sister.

Glory to God. Thanks giving me answer.

Urmila Jaiswal


Dear Bhupinder ji & Mona ji,

Hope all is well at your end. Anjali & I really appreciate for your manna which is really a good piece of dwelling on in your daily life. Thanks for keeping us in your prayers & look forward to meet you soon.


Rajinder and Anjali (Canada)


My dear brother and sister. Thank you for the encouragement I got from today's sermon. You are in our daily prayers.

Ashok Parmar (India)


I eagerly wait for Monday to read the encouraging words of God through your Weekly Manna! Its refreshing to my soul and recharges my energy when sometimes feeling down with life's struggles. It always reminds me that God cares and watch me in all circumstances. He never leaves me or forsake me. It's so encouraging! Thank you Pastor Bhupinder and Sister Mona for your hard work and faithfulness ! God bless you abundantly!

Aarti (Canada)


Thank you Bhupinder for the great blessing you gave me this morning as i woke up discouraged and feeling God does not care and the first thing i did is check my emails and yours usually comes in as spam and i read it sometime later in the week. Well today it was not spam i am sure because God knew i needed this and somehow He made sure i got HIs message first.

Thank you my friend.

Don Murray (Canada)


Praise the Lord God Almighty for the wonderful Message. God bless you throughout of your life.

Swinder Masih


Dear Mona and Bhupinder Singh,

Thanking you for the weekly Manna, every week with messages which give strength and reminders about the Lord's blessings and path to follow in all situations in life.

God bless your ministry to reach many more people.

Kiran Martin


Dear Mona and Bhupinder Singh

Wanted to let you know that I do appreciate the good words of wisdom which come out from your weekly manna. Keep up the good work.

Jimmy Varghese


Thanks for sharing, Please keep sending me for my spiritual growth,



Thank you for the blessing you send each week, it is truly an inspiration

Don and Loraine Murray (Canada)


In last few hours I don't know how many times I thought about God's total silence when it came to my life and then I read this message which uplifted the spirit immediately.

Monica Joseph


Thank you so much for sending me beautiful messages every Monday!

Take care,

Nilofer (Canada)


Hi Pastor

I appreciate such nice weekly Manna which I get for many years regularly. I always wanted to come to your church and pray with you and Mona, I bless your ministry.

S K Bhatt (India)


Keep up the good work, Mona and Bhupinder.

Love to you both.

Hilary Jones (UK)


May God bless you for all that you are doing and trying to do.

You are a blessing.

Vargis Updeshi


Dear Brother & Sister in Christ,

Praise the Lord.

Today's message was wonderful, indeed the Lord wants us to be humble to enter his kingdom. "happy are those who are insulted and persecuted as the kingdom of God belongs to them" Amen.

Thanks & May God bless you and your wonderful Ministry.

Best regards,

Lavina (Kuwait)


Dear Bhupinder ji,

In addition to the uplifting stories in your weekly emails, I wanted to add that I like the new layout you have been using for the past few weeks. May the Lord bless the work of your hands.

God bless you,

Sanjeev (Canada)


I find myself very blessed by your “Weekly Manna”.

God has spoken to me through these encouraging words - which, on occasion, I have passed on to others.

God Bless you in this Ministry.

Ivor Joshua (Canada)


Thanks to both of you for the beautiful weekly manna you send us, God bless you, your children and all the works of your hand!


Amrita (Canada)


Hi Bro, Good Morning!!!.

Thanks a lot for this word of FAITH AND BLESSINGS.


Nita and Sushil (Canada)


Thank you Mona and Bhupinder for The" Weekly Manna" that you feed me with every week. It is a real weekly Manna and well needed, Thank you once again.

Solomon Flavius (Canada)


Thank you Mona and Bhupinder Bhai,

I was member of His Prayer House for a long time and from few weeks I notice I was not receiving "Weekly Manna". That's the reason I put my request again, Shukeria for your acceptance. Your weekly manna was a main source of my strength.

Looking forward to receiving again your weekly manna,

God bless you for doing his work wonderfully,

Shaukat and Mona (UK)


Thanks for this beautiful massage. God Bless You.

Neelam Samuel (Canada)


Dear Brother & Sister in Christ,

Praise the lord. Thanks for the awesome message.

Best regards,

Lavina Derrick (Kuwait)


Dear Mona & Bhupender Singh,

Greetings from New Delhi.

Thank you so much for sending me regularly encouraging messages from HIS Prayer House. Praying earnestly for your ministry in Canada.

God bless you and your ministry there.

In the love of Jesus,

Pastor George Samuel


Thanks Brother,

It is a timely reminder about God’s sure blessings to each of his children.

Rao (Canada)


Amazing. Thank you

Best regards,



Dear Bhupinderji and Mona ji,

Hope you both are well. Wanted to drop a line to say that I am encouraged each Monday morning by the weekly manna message you send.


Amrita Ghosh (Canada)


Good morning Mona. Thanks true I was a bit upset but this has made me remember that God is always with us and He is refining me. I have to be strong and always remember that God is with me in difficult times and is my protector. God bless you and Bhupindar.

With love and prayers.

Sarah Safdar (England)


Thank u for this inspirational word of god, god bless u brother and sister

Tejaswani Abraham (India)


"God uses enlarged trials to produce enlarged saints so He can put them in enlarged places!"

Thank you for sharing this....this is phenomenal !!!!

Gurjeet (Canada)


Thank you very much for sending weekly Manna continually. It is useful for me to grow spiritually.

Issac Masih (India)


Hello Bhupinder & Monaji,

I appreciate for this Weekly Manna.

Best Regard

Rajinder and Anjali (Canada)


Dear Sister and Brother,

Thank you for sending me the weekly Manna.

God bless your ministry

Kiran Martin


Dear Bhupendra and Mona.

Jai Masiha Ki.

Just to thanks for continue inspiring me through weekly manna....Is there anything specific we can pray for your ministries?

God bless.

Your in Him

Pastor Narayan


Thank you for the encouraging email - God Bless what you do is my prayer.

Iris Paul


So true. Thank you for your ministry and these encouraging words from week to week. Greatly appreciated.

Best regards,




Praise the Lord, wanted to say thank you for the weekly manna, week after week. Amen

Thank you

Kiran Martin


Thank you for sending the messages regulary.

God bless.

With prayer,

Madan Paul (India)


Hello Brother Bhupinder,

Thank you for such a wonderful message.


Kashif (Canada)


Thanks a lot. It has strengthen my faith and is a source of my spiritual growth.

Your's in Him.

Sarah Safdar (UK)


Your Weekly Manna is very inspirational. Thanks.

Mohanjit Singh (India)




Eric Kamran (USA)


Hello Pastor,

Thank you for your weekly gospel emails that I have been receiving regularly every Monday morning. It is a pleasure to read and get blessed for the week. Please continue to provide the Weekly Manna as it is necessary.

Thank you once again Pastor,

Solomon Flavius (Canada)


Thanks for nice messages.

Ganta Grace (India)


Thanks for sharing this. To me is the best news I have heard Today. I was waiting for this message. My God will fight for me in Jesus name.

God bless you for always praying with me.



Praise the LORD Dear Mona & Bhupinder Singh

Today’s msg is very touching and applicable to me. GOD bless you.


Paul (Vinayak)


Thx for the word. I really needed to hear this.

Amy (Canada)


Thank you so much for these highly reassuring and motivating messages.

God bless your ministry.

Best regards,



Thank u..

Loved all your emails.its encouraging, full of wisdom n knowledge.

God bless your ministry.

Vinod Gunjal (India)


Dear Bro & Sis,

The story is very encouraging.


Narendra Anand (India)


Greetings brother and sister in Jesus name.

Thanks for the great work and messages you share and always standing together with us in prayer- I am always uplifted.

Manoti Lydia (Kenya)


Dear Pastor Bhupinder Singh & Mona,

Thank you so much for the Weekly Manna received through your email. I am grateful. Trust your ministry is going on well in Canada. We will appreciate your prayers for the ministry in Delhi.

God bless you both, your family & ministry in Canada.

In the love of Jesus,

Pastor George Samuel (India)


Thank you, I really needed this.


Kashif Deen (Canada)


Thank you brother Bhupinder for the wonderful messages, keep up the good work.

Rev James Luke (Canada)


Very well said Mona & Bhupinder Singh," let's be encouraged to trust God for a bright future. Never stop praying, hoping, and believing that good things are in store for us. When making decisions about the future, we must always include God, knowing that nothing is possible without Him, but with Him anything can happen.

Good wishes.

TG Vijayaraj (India)


Dear brother Bhupinder and sister Mona. Thank you so much for sending me a message on Oct 26 wherein a beautiful story of a woman of faith is shared. God bless you both, your children and the ministry. Thanks.

Pastor Warris (Canada)


Thanks Bro. Bhupinder for this wonderful message. Each testimony will strengthen my faith.

Rao (Canada)


Hello Brother and sister,

Keep up the awesome work you are doing for the Lord.


Marilyn Benjamin (Canada)


Praise the Lord.

Thanks for enlightening us with weekly manna. Pl keep sending these. May God shower all his blessings upon u and ur family. AMEN

Tilak Anand (India)


Hi Pastor,

Thank you for the weekly mail which I have been going through always and today's mail opened my eyes even more.

Thank you and please continue to have me in your weekly mailing list.


Solomon Flavius (Canada)





Eric and Samina (USA)


Dear Sister Mona & dear brother Bhupinder Singh,

Thanks for sending me regularly "Weekly Manna". May God continue to bless you all & your Ministry richly.

Best wishes and kind regards.

Your brother in Christ,

Samuel Ishfaq Khan


I am so blessed every time I read your emails and often forward them to my friends as well. Thank you for your prayers and blessings.

Rakhee Sajnani (Canada)


My dear Brother and Sister,

This is just to say thank you very much for sharing this message, I was moved, may God keep blessing your ministry.

In His vineyard.

Pastor Ashok Parmar (India)


Dear Mona and Bhupinder

Jai Masih Ki.

Many thanks for weekly Manna I have been receiving.

When you visit India, plan to come to Nepal.

God bless you.

Pastor Narayan Bhagat (Nepal)


Thank you Brother Bhupinder ! God bless you

Ralph Menon (India)


Thank you for the wonderfull word, dear aunty and uncle, God use u more n more.

Tejaswani (India)


Awesome message !

Dora Geevarghese (India)


Thank you pastor for that story about the boy with the Jade stone -- well illustrated !

Love and Prayers,

Dr Iris Paul (India)


Thank you for the wonderful Message. God Bless !

Himmat Singh (India)


Am so blessed with this message. We ask and never believe that God will full fill our demands. Instead we run away with doubt!

God bless you

Lydia (Kenya)


Weekly Manna - God bless you for the explanation in the message !

Himmat Singh (India)


Dear Brother and Sister,

Thanks for encouraging meditation. I appreciate your ministry. God bless your ministry.

David Christian


Just to say a sincere ‘Thank you’ for your inspirational messages which bring encouragement and spiritual nourishment.

With great appreciation and prayers for abundant blessings on your ministry,

Caroline Cox (UK)


Dear brother

Thank you for this excellent message.

We hope that you had a wonderful and blessed Easter weekend.


Geoff Saroea (Canada)


Dear Bro & Sis,

Very encouraging & very true. GBU & your ministry.


Narendra P Anand(India)


Excellent thought Brother Bhupinder about surrender - absolute and complete !

William Daneil


Thanks Brother

A very nice message indeed.

Rao (Canada)


Hello dear brother and sister in Jesus

Your weekly mana is a great encouragement for me and strengthens my faith in times of distress.

Helen Jalal (USA)


Thank you... very appropriate matter. Please send me more!!

Carol (India)


Hello Bhupinderji and Monaji,

Hope all is well and Lord is using you mightily in his service.

Just read the weekly Manna, was so much encouraged. God Bless you for being an encouragement. May he use you mightily.

with love,

Salomi (Canada)


Thanks Brother Bhupinder and Sister Mona

A blessing to read your write up and leading of God. Praise God that He is soverign.

Always am blessed by your write ups.

David Duraisami (Canada)


I just want to say that I enjoy your weekly manna very much. Thank you for sending it every week.

P G Vargis (India)


Dear brother,

Greetings, thanks a lot for your weekly manna, its a blessings. be blessed.

In Him,

Ganesh K (India)




Eric Kamran and Samina (USA)


This is an interesting story that carries a big lesson.

Richard Chander (Canada)


Greetings Mona & Bhupinder Singh

Blessed be the Name of our Lord! I had an aunty who had been battling cancer for almost 3 years today after the doctors sent her home to await her fate with very little chance of making it past 6 months. That was back in 2011.

When I was informed that she had passed yesterday, I was as perplexed as the man mentioned in the excerpt below as we had fervently prayed for her total restoration.

Yesterday whilst addressing the family during devotion, the Holy Spirit led me to mentioned how in the midst of her battle with this foul spirit of sickness, she drew the family closer together, mended relationships, reconciled differences, helped people grow spiritually and re-established Gods love back into the family and that her struggle and battle was not in vain.

God was reintroduced into lives and remains the mainstay of all lives in the family. Her favourite chorus was ‘Never failed me yet’ a very bold stand despite her daily pains and struggles.

It confirms that God has never and will never fail anyone no matter how big and steep your mountain today, which confirms the Psalmist line, death where is thou sting!

Thank you for the Weekly Manna which has blessed many lives that I have been able to share it with.

With all our love, blessings and prayers;

Lenny Tuatoko and family (Fiji Islands)


Thanks for sending weekly manna. It has been a lot of benefit. The testimony of Joseph Mario will always be remembered and I would share this link to many. I would sit with people and encourage them see it out.

Amritha Bhagwan


Dear Brother and Sister,

That was amazing word. Thank you for sharing. God bless.

Praying for you.

Rev Ashok Parmar (India)


Beloved in the Lord,

Thank you very much for this wonderful Article.

May God richly bless your ministry.

With love,

Eric Bangera


Thanks so much for your ongoing encouragement!

Arthur and Hilary Jones (Greater Manchester)


Thank you very much this weekly manna, feel me with lot of blessings.

Lamu Sherpa (India)


Dear Bro Bhupinder Singh

Kindly keep sending Weekla manna email, as before.

May your ministry be a blessing to many . May the Lord make it very fruitful.

Thanking you

MPK Kutty India)


Dear Brother,

Greetings in Jesus' most high name. Thanks a lot, it was inspiring heart touching.

With Prayers,

Basharat Masih (India)


I am thankful to you and your team for your emails, which you are sending me on weekly basis.

Rabecca Ashraf (Pakistan)


Thanks for manna and strenthening our faith,

Samuel Sripathy


Dear Mona & Bhupinder Singh,

Greetings in His Name. We appreciate your ‘WEEKLY MANNA’ sending regularly. Really it is worth reading ! May God bless your ministry richly.

Thanking You,

In Him,

David Christian


Thank you so much for sending me these weekly manna letters!

Kevin David


Dear Friends,

I really appreciate this Weekly Manna. Real blessing and spiritually uplifting.

And, where do you get these stories from???

With warmest regards and prayers of blessings,

Imanuel (Imubhai) Christian


Hello Brother Bhupinder,

Thank you very much for sending the weekly manner. I have been getting them for a couple years and have enjoyed reading them. I have used some of them in my sermons as illustrations.

Pastor Narendra (USA)


Dear Brother and sister.

Christian greetings from Sukkur Pakistan.

I am thankful for your emails and articles. These are always encouraged and blessed me.

God bless you and your ministry.

Yours in His vineyard

Rev Munir Bashir (Pakistan)


Thanks aunty n uncle this mail gave me lot of strength. god bless u.

Tejaswini Abraham (India)


It's a wonderful meditation Brother Bhupinder.

May God continue to use you in the enhancement of His kingdom.


Augustine & Sheela Abraham (Canada)


Dear Brother and Mona,

Thank you both so much. The emails that you send are very encouraging and full of wisdom.

Smita Bhagat (India)


Thanks, it has touched my life.

Sarah Safdar


Thank you, Today's Manna ministered to the broken lives in our church.

Thanks so much. Blessings!

Eunice Stephen


Dear Mona and Bhupinder,

Thank you for sending Weekly Manna. I feel so blessed to read and encouraged. May the Lord bless you abundantly.

Affia Jacob


Thank you, bro. Bhupinder and sis Mona!

What a blessing you bless me with. You know, our Lord is SO sweet, when I write to others to be refreshed, He sends me refreshment thru godly people like you. You continue to refresh me weekly. Please know that you are appreciated and your ministry is a blessing. I am going to take the liberty to forward and share with others too. (Whole as well as portions, giving the acknowledgements where they are due, you can count on me for that.

Bless you bro and sis! It is evident that "out of you flows the living waters that the Lord Jesus Himself has birthed in you, keep up the great work, the world needs it, the believer bros and sis need it and certainly those of us who are in the harvest field of the Lord need it!

I return the same refreshing, refocusing and rejuvenating from HIS loving fingers to both of you.

Kalpna & family


Amen! Its thought provoking, how the mighty Lord sharpen our edges with the different circumstances to make us useful for His glory... Amen!

Pastor Zeeshan (Pakistan)


Dear Mona & Bhupinder

I've always been encouraged by The Weekly Manna It enriches my Faith & Hope in Jesus. May the Good Lord Bless both of you as you continue to serve Him.

Dr. Mrs. Anita Anand (India)


Dear Mona and Bhupinder Singh

I am always blessed with what you send, reading it encourages and uplifts my spirit

May God continue to bless you and your ministry and family

with love and prayers

Rev Dr Gideon Hari


Thank you so much, GOD Bless you & ministry.




Thank you very much of both of you. I receive your weekly mail . I have learned many lessons from these.

Kashif Mushtaq


Mona and Bhupinder,

God bless you and continue to do so. I am so encouraged by your e-mail I cherish them. Thank You,

God Knew who to put into my life to encourage me.

Love to both of you.

Peter Long


Dear Mrs. and Mr. Singh,

Praise the Name of Lord JESUS !!!

I would like thank you and your ministry for the wonderful work of God you guys are doing.

God bless you and fulfil all your needs in Jesus Name.

With wishes,

Kundan Kumar


Thanks for your messages

Jenison Christian


I am glad to hear from you every week through weekly manna.......I am reading it and love it and look forward to every Monday to read it.

Salomi Patel (Canada)


Thanks so much for these e-mails & the work you are doing for the Lord. Blessed … blessed thru these…

Luv you both & God bless!!!!

Ruchi Pannu (Canada)


Hi Bhupinder

I just thought I would let you know that this week's Manna is very timely for me.

Linda Peto (Canada)



I continually love your spirit and true daughter hood. You bear the heart, mind and business of heaven.

And if you were close by. I'd want to hang out with you

Kristi Patel (USA)


Greetings to you Dear Children of The Mighty n Living God.

A very big thanks to you n very big God Bless. The Quote of the week has once again given me the strength to stand firm in my dependency on God its is really putting me on track.......Myself has forgotten that my Abba Father is continuously thinking about me, He still Loving me, Abba Father a big thank you to you,

Mona & Bhupinder you both are a blessing , Be Blessed. Please continuously pray for me & my wife Sharlet

With Regards

Robin Solomon


Thank you Bro. and Sister for your service. God bless your ministry and your family. Keep it up.

Himmat Singh (India)


Hi Guys,

I am so thankful Mona & Bhupinder for sending all these beautiful preachings of our Jesus Christ every week. It's absolutely Amazing! I don't have enough words to say but god's own love and understanding overflows in Ur weekly Manna. I every time feel is so much related to me and whenever I read the weekly Manna, I can instantly feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. U guys r doing great work on Jesus name, plz continue on sending me this every week. God Bless U Both.

Kind Regards

Tina Bal (USA)


Dear Friends

That was a really inspiring and wonderful story. God bless them for their faith.

Thank you soo much. God has His own way of doing things.We can trust Him in everything.

Shiela Rao (India)


Dear bro and sis, mona and bhupinder,

Thank you SO much for this shivering, beautiful, uplifting message! i am going to take the liberty to forward to my friends! what a blessing you both are! continue to serve, and please the Lord, and we shall hear him say, "Well done, Mona and Bhupinder, my faithful servants"!

May God refresh you as you refresh me and others!!

in His grip, (like this dear family )

Kalpana Sharma (USA)


Dear brother and sister in Lord!


I have no words to thank you for the amazing work you are doing. Your messages are like freshly baked manna for the soul. Every week I literally look forward to what message would be there, and it seems that that particular week I am going through some issue and your message is just right for my situation. I can feel in my spirit that you are highly sensitive to the Holy Spirit, and I am not surprised that you could do such good work to uplift depressed souls. I am sure, like me, thousands of your readers would have the same thing to say about your work. Thank you so much. May God lead you, guide you, and bless you every moments of your lives.

Shash Banerjee (India)


Brother, I am so thankful to you for your weekly manna. Each message of your's are encouraging me, comforting me and lifting me spiritually. I have no words to say. They are really apt to my situations. when ever I feeling any thing or facing anything I am getting the answer for my situations through your messages. I know you are taking a common examples and general things happens in every ones life, but they are apt to my life. I am so happy so I am sending this mail to thank you.......Once again thank you so much for you ministry and I really thank god for making a member in your email ministry.

Pallavi Veerla (India)


I'm regular reader of Weekly Manna emails. I feel presence of God while reading each mail and it gives me lot of strength to fight with my circumstances. I literally feel that through these mails God is talking to me. I'm sending you this mail as God is guiding me to do so.

Ujjvala Collins (India)


Thank you so much for this. I don't always respond but was thrilled today by this Word.

Hilary Jones (USA)





Happy new year Mona & Bhupinder Singh!

Am sure this year God is speaking to me in a big way, as much as so many things are not going on well, am sure Our God is Mighty and in control. Thanks for sharing this info. and to know that He cares, will Hold me close and guide my steps in Jesus name.

Lydiah Manoti (Nigeria)


Jai Mashi Ki bade Bhai,

God is speaking through this msg with me. Please keep sending to us.

Paul (India)


Really, I am encouraged by the message. This is what Gods people want all the time. Praise the Lord.

Rohit Matto (India)