Faith building stories


The Voyage

Once a person saved a lot of money in order to go on a long voyage in a ship. He used to spend money very carefully. With the money he saved, he got ready to travel in a ship for nearly 10 days. So he packed his suitcase with all kinds of fruits, nuts, ghee, biscuits etc. Thinking that he may have to spend a lot of money to buy food in the ship, he packed his box with enough food stuff to last for 10 days. His journey in the ship began. Everyday, he would eat nuts for his breakfast, fruits for his lunch and biscuits for his dinner.

Something scenicFinally on the 10th day, his ship was nearing the shore. He felt very hungry. Since he did not eat to his satisfaction all these days, he wanted to eat something good. As he was lying on his bed contemplating food, he could feel a delicious smell of cooking from the neighbouring room.

He got up and went straight to the reception hall and asked the receptionist as to how much he has to pay for a meal. The receptionist asked him to show his journey ticket. The receptionist was amazed to see the ticket. He said, “Sir, you have already paid for your food for all the ten days in your ticket. You could have shown this ticket and eaten all your meals in the ship freely. Why didn’t you come all these days? Ok, come with me to the dining hall.” Saying this, the receptionist took him to the dining hall and served him a variety of food.

In the same way, we too have Lord Jesus very close to us but still lament that we do not have anything. He can give us everything. We read in the Bible that the Almighty God did not even spare His own Son but gave Him up for us all. So He will surely give us everything (Romans 8:32). Let us cling on to the Lord. He has all the treasures with Him and will certainly give everything to us. When you believe in this and ask Him, He shall give all that you ask.

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