Faith building stories


Three Dolls

Once a Wiseman went to palace. He presented three dolls to the prince living there.

Immediately the prince got angry and asked the Wiseman, “Am I a girl to play with dolls? Why did you give me these dolls?”

The Wiseman said, “These dolls will be useful for your future". He also gave a piece of string to the prince.

He told the prince, “Insert the string into an ear of first doll.”

Something scenicThe prince did as the wiseman said. The string that was inserted into one ear came through the other ear.

The wiseman said, “Now insert the string into the second ear.”

The prince did not say anything but obeyed him. He inserted the string into the ear of the second doll. The string came out through its mouth. The prince was surprised and could not understand anything.

Again, the wiseman told the prince to insert the string into the third doll’s ear. The prince inserted the string again. He was again surprised to see that the string did not come out at all.

The wiseman then explained the meaning to the prince. He said, “When you inserted the string through the first doll’s ear, it came out through the other ear. When you hear bad things such as words of discouragement, negative words, do not give ear to them. Just let them go through the other ear".

"When you let the string through the second doll’s ear, it came out through its mouth. When you hear good things, you must tell everybody about it.

Now, when you let the string through the third doll’s ear, it did not come out at all. When people share their problems or agonies to you, you must keep them in heart and pray. You must not share with others and gossip about them. You must take their problems to the Lord Jesus Christ and pray for them.”

The prince thanks the wiseman for his counsel.

Listening to gossip is like accepting stolen property and it makes you just as guilty of the crime.

Word of God warns us about “cannibal Christians” who “devour one another” and destroy the fellowship (Galatians 5:15). These kinds of troublemakers should be avoided. ”A gossip reveals secrets; therefore do not associate with a babbler.” (Proverb 20:19)

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