His Prayer House International Church

Our church service is in Punjabi and Hindi and is held on every SUNDAY at 2:30 PM. It consists of uplifting fellowship, spiritual worship, in-depth Bible teaching, testimonies and vibrant prayer time.

oldwomanWe praise Lord for believers and nonbelievers brothers and sisters from Sikh, Hindu and Christian families that attend church and firmly believe in the power of prayer and count it a privilege to pray for others.

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Third Sunday of the month is devoted to fasting and prayers and our gracious Lord has answered many prayers.

Praise reports of some of these answered prayers are detailed below.

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If you have received answer to a prayer request or a miracle in your life, please share it with everyone by sending us a Praise Report to encourage others in their faith!


Thank you, Lord !!

Azam – Me and my brother passed with good marks in our final exams. This is the result of prayers of our Pastor Bhupinder Singh ji. All thanks to him and glory to God.

Navjit – We were planning to buy a house and had already given an offer. The closing date was approaching but the mortgage was not being approved. We fasted and prayed about this issue as advised by Sister Mona. At the time of breaking of fast, both Bro Bhupinder and sister Mona prayerd with us. Praise Lord, mortgage was approved in time of closing and we have since moved to our own house!

Paul – I was facing financial difficulty as some of my receivables from individuals and authorities were stuck. After we prayed with Bro Bhupinder and sister Mona, some dues were received within 20 hours.

Aarti – After prayers at Satsang, my father in law’s medical report improved. Doctor now say that no surgery is required.

Shalu – My tenant was neither giving us rent nor vacating the house. We had to call police also as she was misbehaving with us. Finally she vacated the house after sister Mona prayed.

B Lubana – I was having pain in my teeth that was unbearable. Further, I also developed pain in my knees. I was totally healed from both the pains after prayers.

Aarti – My son’s skin had developed rashes. Medicine were not working effectively. After sister Mona & Bro Bhupinder prayed, his skin rashes started vanishing.

Charanjit – Because of some misunderstanding, my wife was not living with me for a long time in spite of repeated requests and attempts to reconcile. When Bro. Bhupinder and Sis. Mona prayed for this situation at the request of my sister and mother, my wife came back to me within a week of prayers (alongwith children). What a miracle !

Vijay – I had an issue in my life that was cause of great concern for me for many years. When I came to know that Bro Bhupinder and Sis. Mona fast every Sunday for praying privately with anybody interested before Satsang, I promised Lord to fast and pray every Sunday with Bro Bhupinder and sis. Mona until my issue is resolved. Praise God !! My issue was resolved within 6 Sundays.

Rupinder – I was sick and in pain at my home. When my mom prayed to Lord for my healing, somehow Holy spirit revealed to Bro Bhupinder who was in a meeting far away from Toronto. He called within 3 minutes of my Mom’s prayer and encouraged and prayed for me and I was totally healed of my pain.

Parveen – My mom is suffering from cancer and is in Pakistan. She is very week to undergo treatment. Moreover my family was not able to find a proper hospital for treatment. When we prayed with Bro Bhupinder and Sis Mona, my family was not only able to find hospital, she is now undergoing the treatment also. When I last called her, she was very cheerful after the treatment and has requested me to offer thanksgiving prayers in the Satsang.

Kulwant – After the prayer at Satsang, behavior of my husband has improved a lot. He understands me better now and loves me. There is peace at my home now.

Shafqat – We are planning to setup a family business and asked Bro. Bhupinder to pray for Lord’s leading in this matter. After the prayers, all the steps required to setup the business are progressing fast now.

Asha – We had planned to build deck of our house and given some money as an advance to a contractor. He did not come back to build the deck for long time. After we all prayed in SATSANG during monthly fasting and prayer, he subsequently came back and built the deck. It looks beautiful !!

Jinder – My feet and leg were swollen since many months as I have to stand up long hours at my work. Medicine were not working. After Bro Bhupinder placed his hand on leg and feet and prayed while were were eating at the end of SATSANG, I was healed. Praise Lord and Thank You Brother !!

Matthew – My aunt Baljit Minhas was in hospital in critical condition. Her Red blood cell were dead. She was unconscious. Her kidneys were also not working. I asked Bro Bhupinder and their SATSANG to pray for her, she has recovered now and about 60% healed (at the moment).

Dewan – I was suffering from back pain and was planning to go for MRI but was healed of my back pain after prayers.

Adil – My brother Tariq Iftikhar's (who lives in Pakistan), youngest daughter Amaya (3 years old) had brain tumor. Surgeons advised that brain tumor surgery has to be done within week as it was already spread a lot. Her body was almost paralysed. After prayers, her surgery was performed successfully. A huge sum of money (in lacks) that was required for the surgery, God also provided. Thank you Lord and Punjabi Yeshu Satsang.

Asha – We were in the process of selling our Car. After we prayed during monthly fasting and prayer Satsang, it was sold within a week.

Affia – Both Mona & Bhupinder prayed at the time of brain surgery of my niece. Surgery is successful as communicated by doctors.

Rao – I was admitted to hospital in critical condition for heart attack. With prayers, I came out of ICU and subsequently came back home around Christmas. I have now decided to serve the Lord for rest of my life instead of pursuing my career.

B Lubana - Issue of constipation was released as soon as all prayed in Satsang although I did not attend the Satsang and was at home at that time.

Sukhraj – Husband got job and new truck as prayed. Daughter got clarity about career. I was able to sell plot in time.

Mrs Brar – Mother’s hurdles to visit Canada removed and she came to Canada on despite opposition from relatives.

Fatema – Cast on the arm was removed as prophesied.

Anu – Daughter did not want to go back to father, brother Bhupinder and sister Mona prayed and God answered the prayer.

B Lubana – Nature and attitude of Sister’s kids is now improving, as prayed.

Gogi – Recommended to boss not to go for official meeting. Subsequently meeting got cancelled by superiors.

Mrs. Brar – Was able to get a job via agency after brother Bhupinder prayed.

B Lubana - Was suffering from headache for many days. When I called Bro Bhupinder, I was healed even before l asked for prayer.

Sukhraj – Documents for selling of plot were stuck in mail but reached India in time after the prayer.

Mahi – Saw the heavenly rain of blessing in the room after Satsang which kept on increasing, we all felt HIS presence.

Anu – Successfully completed driving test for highway, praise God for Satsang prayers.

Parvinder – Lost cell phone while going back home after Satsang. However, it was found after 8 hours intact at the pavement near the bus stop.

Sukhraj – Mother hospitalized as liver shrinked, we prayed and now she is progressing.

Ann Mary – Severe burns because of cooker explosion. When all prayed, she is in a better shape and does not want to go for cosmetic surgery and says “He will heal me”.

Vijay – Jewelry box stolen during moving of home was miraculously recovered. Someone put it back at front door of my house after several days.

B Lubana – Mother’s cancer report came out clean and surgery was successful

Aarti – Father-in-law successfully completed road test when prayed by his wife.

Bobby – Improving in ICU.

Shalu – Husbands MIR report came out clean, as prayed.

Paramjit – Improving day by day in spite of Doctor’s report that brain cells are dead. She is now in rehab. She called us few times to greet on Christmas and New Year.

Baljinder – Cancer is improving, doctors are shocked, blood cell improved.

Baljinder’s mother – Eye infection is gone.

Sukhraj – Offer on house received within 12 hours after prayers at Satsang though house was on sale for couple of months and little time was left to close the new house.

Aarti – Saturday work issue/problem resolved within a day.

Shalu – After we prayed, daughter did not go to late night Halloween party and came straight back to home after work.

Monica – Prayed for Daniel healing who met with an accident. His mother informed he is hale and hearty and playing.

B Lubana – Eczema on legs reduced by 90% after Satsang prayer.

Bobby – Called from ICU to give thanks for prayers. He is now able to talk after 3 months.

Shalu – Daughter developed pain in University and could not stand properly. University doctor was suspicious - it may be slip disk and Pneumonia. After prayer, she was healed within 15 minutes and was able to attend University.

Mohd. Hassan – Doctors are able to pinpoint issue & prescribe medicine. Now he is able to walk.

Shalu – Daughter’s jewelry box recovered after 7 months when sister Mona prayers.

Yaqoob – I was not able to get a tenant even when my house was put “on rent” for many days with dealer. After we fasted and prayed, I was able to find suitable tenant within 2 days.

Aarti & family – When brother Bhupinder and sister Mona prayed, our tiredness and anxiety were removed.

Ranjit – When prayed, son came back home after few days.

Sahil – I am on student visa and was looking for a job. When Satsang people prayed, I got job of my choice with my preferred employer.

Balraj – I am 100% healed of body pain.

Rajinder Singh – All prayed for my endoscopy test. As soon as endoscopy test ended, I started feeling hungry and my appetite is returning to normal slowly.

Shalu - We are in the process of renovating our house and were not able to find a stable and suitable renovator. Every time we found a renovator, he used to start the renovation work but soon disappeared without completion. However, when Yeshu Satsang prayed about this issue at my request, Lord has blessed us with a good and stable renovator. Now the work is going on smoothly. Praise Lord and your Satsang team for their earnest prayers.

Rao - Good evening Bro Bhupinder, Many thanks for your group and personal prayers. My daughter Josephine is now out of ICU and recovering at home.

Mandip Kaur - I run a boutique and had planned an exhibition for March 3 and had paid around Rs 1 Lac in advance for the same. However, I fell sick with Typhoid and was worried that I may not be able to go ahead with exhibition and loose the advance paid. The prayers were answered by our gracious Lord. I was healed in time and was able to successfully complete the exhibition as planned.

Navi - I am now blessed with a job and my health situation has also improved as per latest medical reports.

Niraj - I was suffering from Jaundice and in bad shape. I am now totally healed and free from jaundice as per latest report from the doctor.

Aman - I was promoted at my work place.

Fatema - I felt warmness all over my body during prayer time at Satsang and was healed of knee pain. I can now move my knee. I had fractured my knee 2 years back, no pain anymore.

Rony - I have been promoted as Director at my workplace.

B Lubana - My sister Neetu was healed of kidney infection and stomach issue after we all prayed during Satsang.

Jinder - My tenants were neither paying me rent nor they were vacating the basement even after repeated requests. When we all prayed during Satsang, they vacated apartment next day without any legal or police action.