Ordination Ceremony - Pastor Bhupinder Singh

interview with GodHis Prayer House International Church is humbled to share the news with you that our dear Bhupinder Singh was recently “ordained” as a Pastor and was granted “Pastoral Authority” (including license to perform marriages) in a special service and ceremony held at our church building in Brampton.

We praise Lord and thank all of you who blessed us with your presence, love and prayers during this blessed time of worship service and ceremony.

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His Prayer House International Church

“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” (Psalm 133:1)

oldwomanOur church service is in Punjabi and Hindi and is held on every SUNDAY at 4:00 PM at 9395 Bramalea Road North, Brampton, Canada (Bramalea and Williams PKWY). It consists of uplifting fellowship, spiritual worship, in-depth Bible teaching, testimonies and vibrant prayer time. We praise Lord for believers and non-believers brothers and sisters from SIKH, HINDU and CHRISTIAN families that attend weekly Church.

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Third Sunday of the month is devoted to fasting and prayers and our gracious Lord has answered many prayers.

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Alpha Course

In Punjabi and Hindi

interview with GodHis Prayer House International Church, in association with The Salvation Army, will be conducting Alpha course from Sunday September 10. The Alpha course is an evangelistic course which introduces the basics of the Christian faith through a series of video presentations, talks and discussions.

This Free course will be held every Sunday at 6:00 PM starting with dinner, followed by Video presentation and discussion.

All discussion will be held in Punjabi & Hindi language.

For further information and to register, Contact Us


Book of the Month

90 Minutes in Heaven

interview with God Don Piper is an ordained minister since 1985. On January 18, 1989 while returning from a conference, he met with a tragic accident and was crushed by a truck. He was pronounced ‘dead’ on the spot by medical personnel.

However, he miraculously returned to life ninety minutes after the accident when a minister prayed for him while his body lay lifeless inside the ruins of his car.

During these ninety minutes, Don experienced the glories of heaven ...........Read Full Story



interview with GodBook of Psalms (known as Zaboor in Punjabi) is a collection of spiritual writings for praying and praising God.

For last 100 years, Punjabi Zaboor are being used as an essential part of singing and praising in majority of Urdu & Punjabi Churches around the globe.

We have recently published a booklet containing lyrics of these Punjabi Zaboors (in Roman English). Our key objective of making this booklet is to collect, appreciate and preserve this valuable treasure and provide a copy to our readers, church leaders & Pastors that can be used during their worship services.

Please feel free to DOWNLOAD and PRINT this booklet by visiting our Zaboor webpage.

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Faith Building Story

Gas Station Attendant

interview with GodA young preacher had been away from home and was returning. He did not have much money, just what he had been given in a love offering for his ministry. He knew if he took out the tithe there would not be enough to cover the expenses to get home. Still he took out the tithe and happily gave it over to the Lord. Then he started to drive down the road.

He drove until he needed gas, praying that the Lord would provide. On what..........Read Full Story


Quote of the week

Money has the ability to have great influence for either good or bad. When it is a focus in our life, it becomes a tool of destruction. When it is a by-product, it can become a great blessing. Many Christian leaders started out well - only to be derailed once prosperity became a part of their life. There are thousands who can blossom spiritually in adversity; only a few can thrive spiritually under prosperity !


Forthcoming events & happenings


Something scenic1) Celebrate Canda's 150th Anniversary

0.Organised by Canadian Pakistani and Indian Christian Community

.. At 8800 The Gore Road, BRAMPTON, Canada

...On October 6, 2017 Full Details


Something scenic2) You Matter Revival

0.Organised by You Matter Revival

.. At 290 Derry Road West, MISSISSAUGA, Canada

...On October 14, 2017 Full Details


Something scenic3) Israel Tour 2018

0.Organised by Rev James Luke

.. At Holy Land Israel

...From February 26 to Martch 06, 2018 Full Details


Something scenic4) Charitable Couselling Centre

0.Organised by South Asian Welcome Centre

.. 100 Queen Street West, BRAMPTON, Canada

...MON to FRI: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, SAT: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Full Details


Something scenic5) Free Legal Clinic

0.Organised by J M Law Office

.. At 2005 - 20 Kingsbridge Garden Circle, MISSISSAUGA, Canada

...Every SATURDAY from 11:00 AM to 1:30 PM Full Details







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God's promise for today

Something scenicThough I walk in the midst of trouble ..

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Welcome to HIS Prayer House

We all know how busy life is. There are so many things to do. The list is endless. Something scenicHowever, it is very important for us to spend time with our Heavenly Father - God Almighty - in prayer on a priority basis. When we read..........More about prayer



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