Faith Building Stories

You are not alone !

interview with GodA girl went to her friend’s house and she ended up staying longer than planned, and had to walk home alone.

She wasn't afraid because it was a small COMMUNITY and she lived only a few blocks away.

As she walked along under the bike trail Diane asked God to keep her safe from ..........Read Full Story


Weekly Punjabi Yeshu Satsang

“Behold, how good and how pleasant it is for brethren to dwell together in unity!” (Psalm 133:1)

oldwomanWelcome to our weekly PUNJABI YESHU SATSANG on SUNDAY at 3:00 PM in Brampton, Canada (at 33 Roundstone Drive, Brampton - Major intersection Chinguacousy and Williams PKWY). It consists of in-depth Bible study, uplifting fellowship, spiritual worship, testimonies and vibrant prayer time in Punjabi, Hindi & Urdu. We praise Lord for believers and non-believers brothers and sisters from SIKH, HINDU and CHRISTIAN families that attend weekly SATSANG.

Third Sunday of the month is devoted to fasting and prayers and our gracious Lord has answered many prayers.

Click here to read praise reports of some of these answered prayers.

Feel free to contact us for further details about SATSANG.


Holy Land Diary

How great is Thy love !

interview with GodIt was a day in October 2004. As usual, both I and Mona got up early in the morning to spend our time with the Lord. We were very “new” in the Lord at that time. As I was preparing ‘bed’ tea for both of us, I switched on TV to watch Pastor Benny Hinn’s early morning show “This is your day”.

At the end of the show, when Pastor Benny announced about his plan to take his partners to Holy land for a spiritual tour, I was ..........Read Full Story


Stories of Changed Life

My stroke and what God has taught me

interview with GodToday I wanted to share with you, my experience with stroke and what I have learnt there from.

When I was sick, I promised God to be a witness to his love (Please refer Mark 5:19 where Jesus, after curing a young man from a bunch of devils, advises him to visit his family and witness).

I wanted to take this opportunity to preach as well as witness. What is the difference? Preach means to .......Read Full Story



interview with GodBook of Psalms (known as Zaboor in Punjabi) is a collection of spiritual writings for praying and praising God.

For last 100 years, Punjabi Zaboor are being used as an essential part of singing and praising in majority of Urdu & Punjabi Churches around the globe.

We have recently published a booklet containing lyrics of these Punjabi Zaboors (in Roman English). Our key objective of making this booklet is to collect, appreciate and preserve this valuable treasure and provide a copy to our readers, church leaders & Pastors that can be used during their worship services.

Please feel free to DOWNLOAD and PRINT this booklet by visiting our Zaboor webpage.

Please .Click Here


Quote of the week

God often causes delays in our lives that we cannot understand. Sometimes it seems our obedience is not getting rewarded. Jesus learned obedience through the things He suffered (see Hebrews 5:8). Imagine that - Jesus having to learn obedience. What does that say for you and me? Sometimes God's delays are simply because He wants more glory in the situation, more recognition, more Christ-likeness in you and me through greater patience and obedience. Faint not, for the promise may yet come !


Forthcoming events & happenings


Something scenic1) Revival 2016 with Rev David Manuel

0.Organised by NavJeewan Community Church

.. At 6965 Professional Court, MISSISSAUGA, Canada

...On October 29 & 30, 2016 Full Details


Something scenic2) International Christmas Carol Service

0.Organised by Canadian Christian Association

.. At 6807 Steeles Avenue West, ETOBICOKE, Canadal

...On November 6, 2016 Full Details


Something scenic3) Christmas Celebration

0.Organised by Canadian Christian Association

.. At 30 Vice Regent Blvd., ETOBICOKE, Canadal

...On November 19, 2016 Full Details


Something scenic4) Christmas under the coconut tree

0.Organised by The Peoples Church

.. At 374 Sheppard Avenue East, TORONTO, Canadal

...On December 10, 2016 Full Details


Something scenic5) Israel Tour 2017

0.Organised by Shiloh International Church Canada

.. At Holy Land, Israel

...From February 19 to 28, 2017 Full Details


Something scenic6) Israel Tour 2017

0.Organised by Rev James Luke

.. At Holy Land Israel

...From February 26 to March 07, 2017 Full Details


Something scenic7) Charitable Couselling Centre

0.Organised by South Asian Welcome Centre

.. 100 Queen Street West, BRAMPTON, Canada

...MON to FRI: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, SAT: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM Full Details


Something scenic8) Free Legal Clinic

0.Organised by J M Law Office

.. At 2005 - 20 Kingsbridge Garden Circle, MISSISSAUGA, Canada

...Every SATURDAY from 11:00 AM to 1:30 PM Full Details







Verse of the Day


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God's promise for today

Something scenicThe LORD is my shepherd; I have...

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Welcome to HIS Prayer House

We all know how busy life is. There are so many things to do. The list is endless. Something scenicHowever, it is very important for us to spend time with our Heavenly Father - God Almighty - in prayer on a priority basis. When we read..........More about prayer



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